What is the purpose of this study?

1) To assess the species and distribution of ticks and deer keds encountered by hunters in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

2) To identify potential zoonotic pathogen infection status of collected deer keds and ticks.

3) To provide educational material to hunters on methods to protect themselves and their families and pets from potential vector bites. 

What happens to the parasites I send in?

The parasites we receive are first identified and recorded. They are then dissected, pulverized, and analyzed for the presence of pathogens. Pathogenic DNA is found through PCR and sequencing processes.

I ordered a kit, when will it be sent?

We can’t say for sure when your kit will be sent. We try to process orders and send them quickly, but limited man hours required for assembly and delivery to the mail office can slow us down. Your kit will definitely arrive before hunting season. If you need it earlier let us know and we can expedite the process.

You can reuse your unused kit from last year. Often the liquid suspension has evaporated from the provided vials. If this is the case, you can fill the vials with plain Purell hand sanitizer.

Can I reuse an unused kit from last year?

You can use the same kit for multiple deer as long as they are harvested in the same county. Much of our data is location sensitive, so please do not mix parasites from multiple deer in multiple counties in the same kit.

Can I use the same kit for multiple deer?

Absolutely you can! We are very thankful for all the people that want to help with this project and we wish to spread it to as many hunters as possible. If you would like to order multiple kits, just let us know how many you’ll need in the comments of your order. We’ll send as many as we can.

Can I order multiple kits to share with my club/family/deer processing station?

Updates on the study will be posted on this website. Keep checking back if you’re curious. You can also stay up to date by following us on Facebook. Because of the scope of this study and the involvement of multiple agencies updates are slow to develop. We apologize for the long delays between posts.

Are there any updates on the study?

We’re sorry, but we only have a limited number of kits to distribute and must keep our study area focused to produce meaningful results. You can help by spreading the message to hunters in these states.

I hunt outside of PA, WV, VA, NY, DE, and MD. Can I still participate?

Have more questions? Email us at huntersparasite@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.